Trapezoid, Boxy Tip Correction

Attendees Testimonials

Dear Dr. Bizrah, I want to thank you and your team for providing us such great learning material. It is a great pleasure for me that I had the chance to attend your webinar. I have enjoyed watching your techniques and learning from your advice. I am looking forward to attending your next webinar. Best luck.
The webinar was well organized very informative.
Very nice practical demonstration of operation.
Simple Demonstrative
Good effort fantastic enthusiasm
Excellent minimal tissue harm
It was perfect. Very interesting, very clear
Thank you for introducing the new fantastic technique with only efficient movement and the lowest incisions and fibrosis
Very clear & illustrative surgeries.
No problem it was very interesting
It was an excellent webinar Hope there would more in the future for the benefits of surgeons
This was a good opportunity for junior doctors to learn from. It was clear and direct to the point. Thank you
Being a rhinoplasty surgeon for years, I was impressed with the innovative approaches Dr. Bizrah presented. While minimally invasive surgery is commonplace currently, Dr. Bizrah's minimally invasive approach is novel, and I learned many exciting tips for myself. The human skull in general, and the nasal area, is a subject of normative lateral asymmetry even if no underline pathology is observed. Therefore, some elements of Dr. Bizrah's technique have an extensive application. I want to invite Dr. Bizrah to Israel to share our research and clinical experience at any convenient time.
I have learnt new techniques related to boxy tip for endonasal approach
Very nice series of webinars which turn rhinoplasty from a complicated procedure to very simple clear one suitable for junior surgeons. Very informative clear illustration of incising rather than excising operation. Preserving structures in less than 20 min.
Very accurate, neat, anatomy preserving and fast technique! I'm impressed! Thank you so much
Very interesting presentation with important ideas concerning how to correct droopy- Large Tip with thick skin
You have shown and described some of it in previous lectures of yours. However, it was good enough.
Great slake technique makes things look straight forward in a simple way
It is a good webinar and had useful tips. Could you post the QR code for the books and videos mentioned by Mr Birzah please.
Great informative, detailed surgical steps from excellent surgeon, so you made the procedure looks very easy. Thanks.