The Art of Preservation Tip Plasty

Attendees Testimonials

Very informative talk, however, improving the live streaming quality is recommended.
Fantastic webinar, didactic and full of useful tips
I always enjoy live preforming rhinoplasty.
Clear and useful as ever. Thanks, a lot.
I learned skills and tricks.
Keep up the great work! Looking forward to the next one!
I enjoy watching live surgery and learning from you rips and tricks.
very good presentation.
Amazing. looking for more
Excellent demonstration of each step. Brilliant teacher💐💐
Thank you, it was a nice presentation.
A very difficult art made very easy.
Thank you for sharing.
I have followed many webinars of Dr Bizrah, who gives a lot of useful advice to reach good results. 👍🏻
Very simple and effective technique
Excellent webinar, Clear audio video record. Good time, good explanation
A very interesting topic with an excellent demonstration of such a complicated procedure in a clear way. I’d like Dr. Bashar to analysis the deformity in diagrams and formulate the operative plan in a clearer way.