Tension Nose

Attendees Testimonials

Thank u dr Bashar
It's was overall superb webinar Expect more such n future
I recommend include some bibliography
Brief, and professional Rhinoplasty
It was wonderful. Very lucid practical and patient oriented
Without measuring, just follow corner of the folding of the alar
This step is difficult to do for fear of getting unequal dimensions Your approach has cleared this confusion
Nice and great webinars. Thanks, a lot
Informative, nice presentation and excellent explanation
Short, precise, with adequate information to take home. Please keep it up.
A very useful webinar
Focus on one subject. Very good and informative
Thank you for the nice presentation. It was really profit full for the audience
Its good and a great learning opportunity. The way you describe and make things easy is great. Thank you
Thanks for the nice webinar content, much better if there is moderator who present Dr. Bashar, also the content is how I do it, more before and after photos, more about complications, Regards
Excellent presentation, stimulating, enjoyable and interactive talks from an expert in rhinoplasty. Thank you very much.