Rhinoplasty Bizrah – How I Do It

Attendees Testimonials

Dr. Bizrah is a remarkable surgeon with a practical no-nonsense approach to rhinoplasty. His dexterity is amazing and makes this difficult operation seem easy. I enjoyed his treatment of the short columella with the pre septal graft, and the pushdown procedure which also seems easy to the untrained eye. Also, his treatment of the medial crura which narrows the nose, without the trimming of the cephalic lower lateral cartilages.
The webinar was very useful, explaining and clarifying preservation techniques in rhinoplasty and simplifying the application of various techniques to address nasal deformities. At times it was difficult to really see how these techniques were being performed, but overall, it was clear.
Complex Rhinoplasty explained in simple way
Simplicity, less invasiveness, and quick to heal successful techniques
Excellent rhinoplasty you made it very simple and methodical. Tip surgery incredible for me
I`m in favour of closed technique that is practised by Dr Bizrah. it`s more difficult to do & to achieve what he does with such a nice outcomes
Excellent videos detailing techniques and clear explanation. Enjoyed the seminar - thank you
pearls of wisdom after many years of surgical practice to the new generation of nose surgeons
Interesting perspective to a complex procedure. Would definitely like to visit and learn.
Very well organised and detailed talk
Informative detailed clear webinar. Very enjoyable
Very good webinar. I really enjoyed it. Specially the nasal tip work. I do open techniques rhinoplasty I am more confident with these techniques as I feel everything is under control, I will try to do your techniques in the future.
Im a continue attende of webinars and I really love them. Stay blessed
Really appreciate your help and professionalism
It's always a big pleasure to attend your Webinars , thanks Doctor for your efforts .
Brilliant webinar. Very thorough but well contained at the same time.
Thank you so much for your dedication and commitment dr Bashar
Thank you so much for your dedication and commitment dr Bashar
Very practical tips for dome sutures
Organised structured teaching and clear skilful approach to get outstanding successful outcomes.
Very fruitful webinar making the rhinoplasty operation simple, clear and easy educable procedure The webinar showed how to reach a stable constant long term results of tip rotation and definition
The small tips are always useful when want to improve your technique, and there are quite a lot of small tips. Many thanks.