Modern Endo Nasal Rhinoplasty

Attendees Testimonials

Amazing details, high-quality surgery videos.
Beautiful learning video materials.
Very simplified and helpful.
“Very nice detailed webinar which made rhinoplasty a clear easy to learn operation For me, Still closed technique needs supervision from experts Alar reduction technique is very nice, natural results, easy to practice”.
The videos were very clear, well heard, and clearly explained. Cases with enlarged pre-op photos in OR to compare the improvements while operating was a new concept and great idea. Thank you for the effort made to make it a huge success. Well done!.
It was a good technique, I really enjoyed watching it.
Good course for ENT trainees.
Nice demonstration of surgery and comparison of closed vs open techniques. Very informative video – not only for trainees but also for experienced surgeons.
“Thank you for your informative presentation, it was a great opportunity to learn and understand this type of operation. I wish you all success “.
Amazing presentation and excellent teaching webinar.
The very useful webinar learning experience of Rhinoplasty.
Nice, informative, simplicity of explanation.
Very didactic as the previous webinars.
Detailed surgical approach and good planning.
Nice and informative activities don’t stop
Great presentation and video demonstration with great skills and techniques especially the open approach clip.
Very interesting.
It’s very good and very beneficial and high standard nasal surgical arts wish to continue these ones.
I really like the real Surgical tips that prof Bizrah shows
A highly skilled surgeon with great technique.
Dear Dr. Bizrah, I always very much enjoy your webinars! Your videos are excellent and the way you explain your technique is extremely helpful. I am not a dedicated rhinologist myself and unfortunately, my training had been very poor and inadequate in the field of facial plastics. I would like to th...
Very interesting presentation, very interesting cases.
Good and precise presentations by expert surgeons.
Interesting, quick technic. Can be used as a part of the functional rhino-septoplasty.
Excellent Concise Practical Presentation.
It was a very nice and detailed webinar.
Dr Bizrah is a good surgeon and a teacher. These webinars are very helpful for the novice and senior surgeons.