Droopy Tip/Tension Nose (Case Presentation – 39,40)

Attendees Testimonials

“Very nice clean and fast tip surgery”
“It was excellent academic activity”.
“Nice practical points in Droopy tip”.
“Interesting and well presented”
“Improved quality of videos are greatly increasing the experience and the knowledge conveyed”
“Excellent illustrative procedure”
“Very much liked the oblique dome division concept!”
“I m greatly inspired from this academic activity and wish such more in the future”
“Great learning webinar series covering all difficulties in Rhinoplasty surgery”
“Made extremely simple for close technique, spanning suture was matchless. “You have made very simple and very good results”
“Thanks for clear instructional video”
“Very informative webinar making rhinoplasty very simple technique Showing simplified steps in short operative time”
“Your method makes Rhinoplasty which is considered by many as impossible seem very easy”
“Very informative”
“I opened for myself new tips of rhinoplasty. I hope to see You in live surgery congress”
“Excellent cases and results”
“Thank you for the wonderful webinar”
“Excellent webinar found it really useful”
"Didactical and very clear”