African & East Asian Noses

Attendees Testimonials

Superb webinar well organized revealing ultra-short and compete technique of rhinoplasty really 💜 touching
The presentation was very well illustrated, and the speaker showed a deep understanding of the surgical procedures!
It was very informative, brief, to the point, more of practical relevance, rather than theoretical
It is nice that the webinar concentrates on the surgical tricks and pearls. Excellent video demonstration
Excellent presentation from an extraordinary surgeon
In-depth analysis and simple way of describing the surgical steps
Very nice cartilage technique demonstration. Last part of lower lateral closure and suture part was not very clear. But very impressive results.
I have learnt a lot from this webinar since I am working with Asian people now
Perfect detailed updates in African & east Asian rhinoplasty, Amazing video for surgeries
Simple way of explaining for a difficult pro9
Loved innovative process of using coastal cartilage.
Very good the tíos, bueno no verdad good the results en the tip.of the nose.
A new method which I did not approach previously
Excellent and very interesting webinar! Great videos. Looking forward for more
Thank you for this nonprofit and very informative webinar
Illustrative concise and to the point without wasting the time in unnecessary points
Detailled presentation of special endonasal methods, enlarging the surgical armatorium
Useful tips and advice
Good luck
Excellent webinar
Great learning lecture
Good presentation
Very Educational
Good and comprehensive webinar
Good job, interesting ideas!!
More lecture would be appreciated
Very well-done webinar
Very interesting and didactical
Excellent, thank you
Comprehensive, well-structured webinar
Very clear easy to undestand
If it is possible try to speak more slowly
Comprehensive, well-structured webinar
I recommend all webinar with Dr Bashar
It would be great if you could have a dedicated webinar for juniors on the topic of Nasal Anatomy alone
Very nice surgical non- traumatic technique with beautiful results. maybe for beginners some parts of surgery can be demonstrated a bit slower.
Nice presentation very informative but not suitable for young beginner specialist
Very informative to learn and update on new skills in rhinoplasty
Very clear easy to undestand
Thank you for this wonderful meeting